About myself and Coherence

I am Robert Varga, and you have reached my Oracle Coherence related pages.

I have been working on Java-based system development and architecture since 1998, mostly developing the server-side of fairly large and often distributed systems.

I am an since 2008.

In these years I was often faced with the need of low-latency data access in these application on a scale (number of users) that can hardly be met by usual relational databases. I came across Tangosol Coherence when 3.0 was released, in 2005 and it very well solved a large subset of these problems by providing an in-memory data store which can reliably maintain a large amount of data (enough to store the entire relevant data-set in many projects) in the memory of JVM processes.

This among others
  • allowed a very low latency when serving pages on the web which only access the data in a read-only manner,
  • and also reduced the load on the database as now it has to serve only write requests and not a large amount of reads as well

Of course, Coherence is capable of many-many more things, but this was how I came into contact with it and how it could help that particular project need at the time.

Since then, I have been following the several new releases of Coherence. Then Tangosol was being acquired by Oracle, and fortunately (contrary to several people predicting otherwise) Coherence was developed further with exciting new features.

In these years, I tried to help other users with their questions about Coherence on the support forums. These pages are another way which provides a bit more space to explain certain features of Coherence and small solutions based on it.

Things you can find here: