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The following features are planned:
  • Tests
  • Read metadata from XML file. This allows generating serializers for 3rd party classes and also generating Java classes for metadata in XML.
  • Generating C++ and .NET client-side artefacts.
  • Metadata to be reused between generation passes. This will allow the validation of changes to the previous release, to ensure that no incompatible changes were done.
  • Support for constructors with parameters.
  • Support for hooks to be invoked by generated serializers.
  • Extractors getting attribute data directly out of the binary holding the serialized type, thereby allowing writing filters that take data directly out of the Binary without deserializing it upon indexing or querying or in a MapEventFilter or maybe even a MapEventTransformer.
  • Possibly Filters based on and Aggregators defined with expressions.
  • Possibly integrate with the upcoming Coherence JDBC driver project in the Coherence Incubator.
  • Handler types or component attribute serializers defined on the attribute for exceptions in type handling.
  • Other suggestions welcome...