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@PofSerialized @PofAttribute @PofUniformCollection @PofUniformMap @PofDate @PofAttributeSerializer

This annotation must be placed on attributes to indicate that the serializer generator should generate code to serialize their content. The attribute must be package-visible at least (can't be private).


Attribute Type Default value Description
notNull boolean  false If setting notNull to true, it can indicate to the generator that the annotated Java reference is never null. This can allow optimizations, by not having to write the information that the reference is null or not. This is currently checked only when serializing primitive wrappers, but custom attribute serializers would also be able to benefit from it once custom attribute serializers are implemented.

This value is ignored for Java primitives.
sinceImplVersion   int special  This annotation can be specified for attributes in Evolvable classes. It should indicate in which version of the class hierarchy this attribute was introduced.

If this attribute is specified, than it explicitly determines the pass in which that attribute is written out. If this attribute is not specified, then its value will be considered to be the class-level sinceImplVersion value from the annotation (which may also be inferred). This value is ignored for classes which don't implement Evolvable.