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@PofSerialized @PofAttribute @PofUniformCollection @PofUniformMap @PofDate @PofAttributeSerializer

This annotation must be specified for classes which have attributes for which the serializer generator should generate code. Classes not annotated with this annotation but which have a superclass which is annotated with this annotation but will be considered an empty class annotated with this annotation and isAbstract being set to true.

For classes which are annotated by this anotation, the following things are generated in the package serializer:
  • A TYPEID_ constant if the annotation is not marked abstract by the isAbstract attribute.
  • Constants for each attribute annotated with @PofAttribute holding the lowest property id used for writing out its value (more than one but consecutive property ids may be used up to write out the state of an attribute).
  • A serializer class which may be referred to in the POF context configuration (the configuration is to-be-generated in a later version).


Attribute Type Default value Description
implVersion int special This attribute indicates the implementation version of this form of the class. The implementation version must be higher than or equal to the sinceImpl version of all attributes declared in this class, and must also be higher than or equal to the sinceImplVersion of this class, and also must  be higher than or equal to the explicitly stated or inferred implVersion value of its super-class (if there is one).

This value is returned by the SimpleEvolvable.getImplVersion() method.

If the value is not specified, then it is the higher of the highest attribute sinceImplVersion value and the (possibly inferred) value of the sinceImplVersion attribute on this annotation and the (possibly inferred) value of the implVersion attribute on the annotation of the super-class of this class (if there is one).
sinceImplVersion   int special The first version of the class hierarchy which first declared this class.

The value of this attribute must be higher than or equal to the (possibly inferred) corresponding value of its superclass. The value of this attribute must also be lower than or equal to the specified sinceImplVersion values of any of its declared attributes.

If this attribute is omitted, then its value is inferred to be:
  • If the class declares attributes to be serialized and they all explicitly specify their sinceImplVersion attributes in the @PofAttribute annotation, then the class level sinceImplVersion is inferred to be the lowest value of the declared attribute sinceImplVersion values.
  • Otherwise if there is a superclass, then it is the sinceImplVersion value of the superclass
  • Otherwise it is inferred to be 1.
typeId int N/A This is the user type id to be used for this class. This must be specified for non-abstract classes, and should be an integer value larger than or equal to 1000. Values less than that are reserved by Oracle for Coherence and JDK classes.

It can be omitted for abstract classes or classes where isAbstract is set to true.
isAbstract boolean   false Indicates that the class does not need a type id constant to be written and that it can't be serialized (its descendants still can). If the class itself is an abstract class, this attribute is considered to be true even if it was not specified.

Abstract classes don't have a TYPEID_ constant in their package serializer, nor do they have a serializer.